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Quick and Simple Fix to Increase your SEO Rankings

All of the web pages your website has have titles tags and meta descriptions. They are mostly the ones Google and other search engines used to create your listings on their search engine result pages.

Here is a sample Google search engine result page;

and the actual title tag and meta description of one of the page shown above – https://moz.com/ugc.

This is a huge factor as you have a control on how your listing appears in major search engines such as Google. Having a catchy title tags and meta descriptions with call to actions will greatly influence the people seeing your listing on Google.


Now, Google uses RankBrain as one of their top 3 ranking signals. RankBrain observes the CTR (click through rate) of your search engine listings. It is very logical that if your listing is clicked more often than the others, it might be that your website make sense to most people.

The higher your CTR (because you have made your title tags and meta descriptions enticing to click), the higher your ranking potential is. And if you crafted a good content on your website as well, more people who clicked your search engine listing will stay and read your content.

Bounce Rates

This in turn lowers your bounce rate. By the way, a bounced visit means that people visited your website and immediately returned to search engines and look at the other website in the listing. This is a significant signal to RankBrain that people may not seeing value on your web page. Read more about Bounce Rates here – https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009409?hl=en.

Low bounce rates and high organic search CTR means relevant website to people’s queries in search engines. Optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions will eventually help lift your positions on search engine result pages.

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