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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Services

Harness searchers’ intent to create brand awareness in every online media and platform.

How Our SEO Services Can Help Your Business

Search Engine Optimization enhances elements inside and outside your website so it lands in the first pages of search engine results.

We’ll implement a range of strategies so your brand gains eyes across online channels along with the best brands.

Build Authority and Relevance for Your Brand Online

How To Look For The Best SEO Service Provider For Your Business

SEO can be very complicated. This is the reason why a lot of business owners just want to hire SEO experts instead of learning by themselves. But even if SEO looks too difficult and time consuming, as a business owner, you should still familiarize yourself a bit on how SEO works.

Especially when you are looking for an SEO service provider.

Below are a few reasons why you should at least grasp the concept of SEO before deciding on which SEO service provider to choose;

  1. There are a lot of search engine optimization companies that offers low quality SEO services. You need to identify them and weed them out. To be able to identify them, you need to know why they are low quality SEO service provider in the first place.
  2. Some so called “SEO experts” will scam you and your business.
  3. You need to understand the monthly reporting they will be sending to you.
  4. You will be able to ask the right questions during the interview process.


Best SEO Services That Delivers Results

W always set aside time every month to discuss with our clients the monthly reports. Our purpose is for our clients to always ask questions on the SEO services we provide.

Each and every month, you will see how the pages are gaining traction and how they are starting to attract organic traffic. All of the website optimizations that we do are also listed in our monthly reporting dashboards.

With that said, we are always listening to our clients’ suggestions and recommendations as well. We are always trying to provide the best SEO services to all our clients.

When to Look For SEO Help

Almost all of the businesses that exist offline are now being marketed online. SEO should be part of your marketing plan even before you build your website.

Before you have your website built, think of SEO in mind. What keywords do you think you should be considering for your business? Who are your target customers and their demographics and personas?

It is also very important to ask your web designer and developer if they are building your website with SEO in mind. There are a lot of SEO issues that can arise if your web developer has no clue on how to build an SEO-friendly website.

Agileweavers can provide you with SEO help that you need wherever phase you are in building your business. Whether you are still planning on building your website or your organic traffic is decreasing, we can provide you the SEO help.

Premium SEO Solutions

We do not limit how many keywords your website can target. We base our SEO pricing on how much time should we spend on your website per month.

Agileweavers SEO solutions covers all SEO service aspects from technical SEO up to content SEO, so you have a simple view of the campaign progress as we work on your website’s optimization.

Another reason why our SEO solutions are premium is that we always coach our clients. In any steps of the SEO campaign, you can ask any questions from us and we would be glad to answer them all.

The reason why we are doing this is because we want our clients to be more knowledgeable on SEO too and this is a win-win partnership for us. It will be easier for us to discuss updates and reports if you are always on top on the issues and its details.

On-Page Optimization

We’ll drive traffic to your site through in-depth technical analyses guided by cutting-edge keyword research. We will check every SEO element of your website and prepare them to highly relevant to your customers and to search engines.

Title Tags and Meta Description Optimization

They are very important as they are the ones that are usually used by search engines as listing titles and descriptions in search results. We will craft unique title tags and meta description on all of your pages.

Header Tag Optimization

H1’s, H2’s and others are like clues to search engines as to how your content are structured in a particular page, thus they are heavily considered as a good place to put up some of the most important keywords your site is targeting.

We will optimize all your pages’ header tags so your content will be very relevant to search engines.

Page Interlinking

Your pages’ links serves as highways for search engines and people in navigating your website. Proper channeling people and search engine is very important to improving a website’s relevance.

Let us handle this task for you and watch your ranking start climbing up the SERP.

Content Analysis

Does your site have enough content to be able to target all your keywords? We will analyze your content and will craft a strategy to ensure that all of your important keywords are being targeted by your content.

Local SEO

Our SEO specialists will maximize your brick-and-mortar store’s online clout in your locale by making sure your business is in all the listings and your information is always current.

NAP Details Optimization

This is very important to local SEO; “Name”, “Address” and “Phone Number”. They should all be consistent everywhere so anyone searching for your “Company Name” and “Address”, you will easily be found online.

Google My Business Listing

Grab the attention of your target audience when they are searching online by optimizing your Google My Business page. This is not a set and forget kind of setup, it’s actually continuously evolving and you need to always keep up with Google’s updates.

We will handle this for you, and more if you sign up to our SEO service.

Local Business Listings

Yellow Pages, Yelp and others do still play important roles online. They are frequently visited by people looking for online reviews on products and services. It is very important that your website is on these listings!

Embedding of Google Maps

When you are promoting your website to local customers, having a Google map in your website is an absolute must. Consider this done when you sign up to our SEO service.

Hyper local link building

Your site needs to connect with your “neighbouring” sites as well. We will research potential blogs and sites that we can approach for guest posting.

Link Building

Your brand reputation will gain traction through our partnership-building activities with other top sites.

Guest Posting

This is one of the most high-impacting SEO activities and you should be doing this task like last month! We will research high quality blogs that will accept our guest posts for your site to gain high quality links that will propel your rankings to the top.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Although they are not that heavy in terms of link building, they are still important as they appear in search results alongside your site listing.

Technical SEO

We do not only build high quality backlinks and optimize your on page, we will also fix all of your technical SEO issues.

Broken Links Fix

Lots of 404 errors showing in your Google Search Console? Yikes! That needs a little bit of fixing. We will 301-redirect them to the updated version of the page you are trying to link to.

This can easily boost your rankings in search engines.

Site Speed Optimization

Slow loading site? No problem! This is always included in all of our SEO campaigns as we believe that fast websites are being shown by search engines more often than slower ones.

Schema Tag Implementation

Despite of the advances of search engine algorithms, they are still machines that are not match to a real person’s brain. Implementing schema tags on your website guides search engine bots as to what types of content your site is showing.

Tools Setup

We use different external tools to improve our visibility on the hundreds of ranking factors. We will set them up on your website so we will be aware of how search engines perceived your site SEO-wise.

Google Search Console Setup

This will enable us to see how Google views our optimization efforts. Google Search Console also let us know of any issues that we need to fix right away that are very crucial to the SEO-friendliness of your site.

Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Same with Google’s Search Console, this tool will also show the different areas of your website having issues that need to be fixed right away.

Analytics Tracking Setup

This is very important in tracking progress of any SEO campaign.

Google Analytics Setup

See you the increase of your site traffic, engagement, activity and more. All our SEO campaigns have Google Analytics tool setup properly.

Google Tag Manager Setup

GTM allows us to implement a lot of tagging on your website easily as instead of editing your site’s code (risky), we can “fire” tags from this tool.

Are You Looking For Local SEO Services?


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a process of optimizing a website so that it will appear on top of the search results on keywords that are geographically-related. Keywords such as “buy pizza new york” or “plumber sydney cbd”.

Local SEO keywords tend to have lower search volumes but they are very targeted and almost all search queries give high quality traffic that converts. The reason is that these traffic are “pre-qualified” by the use of geographical terms such as city names or suburbs.


How Agileweavers’ Local SEO Services Work?

We are very meticulous when it comes to local SEO and always double-check everything for consistency. Local SEO is all about relevance and consistency.

The more you are consistent on your address and phone numbers, for example, the bigger the chance your website will rank well. So we search for all of your digital presence online and correct any issues that may arise due to inconsistency.

Our content marketing specialist will fully understand your business’ geographical location, wherever in the globe you may be, and will craft SEO content that will target the most important local SEO keywords your business needs to rank for.

Services We Can Package With SEO For Better Visibility